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A single female posing without clothes.
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A single female posing with clothes.
135 Extra Votes:
A couple having sex, or a single girl in a gangbang.
170 Extra Votes:
Two girls having sex with an unknown guy.
250 Extra Votes:
Two girls in a gangbang.

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Kaori Miyazono in a sexy pinup pose, wearing only her blue shirt, tie, and panties. Her tie should be loose and shirt unbuttoned, so she can show off her entire body. 112 EV's as previously discussed. Details and pose are to artist's discretion, I trust in the quality of your work. [img id="0f3df441bd44ccb39174e645f4bc2ba8"] [img id="08c6aa182c49adb9ea20bb7e9d3f962b"]
Kaori Miyazono sexy pinup pose Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: Someonesomething Added: 2018-07-13 02:38:24
EraserheadExternal Image Image x Mandalay Image Image Image Mandalay is bound with Eraserheads Scarf and sucking his dick like this Image theres cum coming out of the side of her mouth.
Eraserhead x Mandalay Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: Dreamrender Added: 2018-07-11 17:49:18
Natsumi Tsujimoto and Miyuki Kobayakawa from You're Under Arrest in a threesome, Miyuki giving a footjob as she's fingering herself and Natsumi is sucking the guy off. They'd both have just their blue police shirts on, unbuttoned to show their breasts, and have very pleased looks on their faces. I've attached a pose idea and character references. [img id="29ea164debf13bee350c0439ec181d76"] [img id="728fa74cd1241b760cbcc39311322e60"] [img id="baba81f5b5801366ff90a2f25e6c03c6"] [img id="993f287b84622204f84abdc1c2424212"] [img id="df208d2fc62525a3bed62603ef30b586"]
Natsumi Tsujimoto x Miyuki Kobayakawa threesome Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: Loneshogunate Added: 2018-07-02 02:34:36
Shouto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu (my hero academia) Background - a city alleyway at night They're wearing these clothes Image but without his wig or her glasses like Image and Image Position is this  Image shouto has his hand on her ass like in the pic. Momo has her tits out. shouto has came in her and its dripping. Both have a lustful expression.
Shouto Todoroki x Momo Yaoyorozu Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: PulpFiction Added: 2018-06-27 23:47:13
Killua External External and Mito Freecs External External External having fun in this position: Image
Killua x Mito Freecs Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: Dreamrender Added: 2018-06-18 18:25:35
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Shota Aizawa External External External and Momo Yaoyorozu External External External doing anal in this position: Image (and if possible instead of a collar Shota uses his scarf as the collar)
Shota Aizawa x Momo Yaoyorozu Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: Dreamrender Added: 2018-06-15 17:13:33
This would be a series of pics (artist can determine how many they want to do. I was hoping for 3). Character: Isara Gunther Series: Valkyria Chronicles Minimal background required - Bed and sheets, nothing else really needed. First would be a standard bed scene with Isara looking somewhat embarrassed, pov down looking at her. Her hands should be resting on her belly, legs straight. Next would be from behind, all fours, head down on the bed, butt in the air, with Isara wearing only white thighhighs (with a similar design to the dress), looking back. Similar to the above all fours pose, next I would like a doggy-style from the back pov pic. Isara's head is raised up with obvious pleasure. Last would be a standard from the side kneeling blowjob. Her dress is torn off except the belly and chest side, bunched down. She is wearing thighhighs. This should be close up so her partner should be cut off mostly. The only thing I request about this is that particular detail be made to the feet of the thighhighs. I added an image of Mashu Kyrielight as a reference to the detail I am hoping for with the feet. [img id="7ea211dd64d629a6a56dc8d3b444b9ea"][img id="66141331997b02f613595cb36e56cdfd"]
Isara Gunther Pics Series Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: OnlyIsara Added: 2018-05-15 16:23:48
Tamamo ( from Monster Girl Quest ) like this Image only draw the guy/cock at the bottom of the pic, have the cum around her chest and belly, looks like a bit on her head, as well as creampie. don't give her the heart shaped eyes, just her normal fox girl eyes. and ofc her tails "maybe not all nine, up to you how to do the tails" and here is a example of how Tamamo looks in her sealed form. Image be sure to not forget her tribal tattoo's, and red accessory in her hair.
Tamamo Creampie Arts by: HerchiHerchi Idea by: Kenshi Added: 2018-04-20 23:08:02
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